2013-07-01 Florian ZeitzAdapt to ObjFW changes master
2013-07-01 Florian ZeitzGTK+: Clean up menus
2013-06-23 Florian ZeitzMove away from BOOL
2013-06-23 Florian ZeitzAdapt to ObjFW exception API changes
2013-06-11 Florian ZeitzAllow showing offline contacts in the GTK UI
2013-06-11 Florian ZeitzAdd support for accepting Subscription Requests to...
2013-06-10 Florian ZeitzClose subscription dialogs, when answered on another...
2013-06-09 Florian ZeitzAdd support for accepting Subscriptions to GTK frontend
2013-06-06 Florian ZeitzAdd User Avatar support
2013-06-05 Florian ZeitzRetain parameters for delayed calls within the GLib...
2013-04-17 Florian ZeitzAdd line editing support to the CLI UI
2013-04-03 Florian ZeitzAdd basic Service Discovery support
2013-03-25 Florian ZeitzUpdate to ObjFW changes
2013-02-27 Florian ZeitzMove presence changing to JubChatClient
2013-02-24 Florian ZeitzAdd a zxcv-like CLI frontend
2013-02-20 Florian ZeitzMove adding messages to the ChatUI to JubChatClient
2013-02-18 Florian ZeitzJubGtkChat: Refer to the correct version of the close...
2013-02-18 Florian ZeitzJubGtkChat: Hook 'activate' instead of 'key_release_event'
2013-02-17 Florian ZeitzAdd and use -[OFObject performSelectorOnGLibThread:]
2013-02-16 Florian ZeitzConsistently treat no groups as group "General"
2013-02-16 Florian ZeitzPrefix ivars with an underscore
2013-02-16 Jonathan SchleiferImprove config parsing.
2013-02-10 Florian ZeitzMove config.xml to config.xml.example
2013-02-10 Florian ZeitzImplement connection:didThrowException:
2013-02-10 Florian ZeitzShow the domainpart for contacts without nick and nodepart
2013-02-03 Florian ZeitzHandle multiple contact resources
2013-01-30 Florian ZeitzMove chat window creation to JubChatClient
2013-01-29 Florian ZeitzAdd a status tooltip to the roster
2013-01-29 Florian ZeitzShow presence's show value in roster
2013-01-29 Florian ZeitzAdapt to use XMPPContactManager
2013-01-12 Florian ZeitzAdjust to ObjXMPP changes.
2013-01-06 Florian ZeitzScroll ChatTextView to the end when text is added
2013-01-06 Florian ZeitzMake the PresenceComboBox's changed handler only fire...
2013-01-06 Florian ZeitzTrack current presence
2013-01-05 Florian ZeitzAdd a minimal JubChatClient class and refactor other...
2013-01-03 Florian ZeitzAdd basic config file support
2013-01-01 Florian ZeitzBuild roster window in JubGtkRosterUI
2013-01-01 Florian ZeitzFix return types for signal handlers
2013-01-01 Florian ZeitzEnable changing presence (show only)
2013-01-01 Florian ZeitzMake the presence combo box use a cell-renderer
2012-12-27 Florian ZeitzOpen new chat windows when activating a roster row
2012-12-26 Florian ZeitzUse of g_idle_add_block() where possible
2012-12-26 Florian ZeitzUse nodepart in roster, if no other name exists
2012-12-26 Florian ZeitzMove JubGObjectMap functions to a .m file
2012-12-26 Florian ZeitzAdd helper to g_idle_add() blocks
2012-12-24 Florian ZeitzHandle closing chat windows, fix a race and a retain...
2012-12-23 Florian ZeitzAdd some entries to gitignore
2012-12-23 Florian ZeitzAdd some simple chat UI
2012-12-19 Jonathan SchleiferUse one Makefile per directory.
2012-12-19 Florian ZeitzUse -[asyncConnectAndHandle]
2012-12-16 Florian ZeitzSplit GTK roster delegate into separate class
2012-12-15 Florian ZeitzFilter roster model based on received presences
2012-12-14 Florian ZeitzInitial commit