2012-07-05 Florian ZeitzInitial command support master
2012-07-05 Florian ZeitzUse new callback API of objXMPP
2012-07-05 Florian ZeitzFetch track information using comand lists
2012-01-28 Florian ZeitzAdapt to ObjXMPP API changes
2011-12-22 Florian ZeitzUse filename if no title tag exists
2011-12-22 Florian ZeitzEliminate of_log usage.
2011-12-22 Florian ZeitzAdapt to ObjFW changes
2011-12-22 Florian ZeitzProperly declare ivars
2011-07-28 Florian ZeitzMove MPD connection in a separate class
2011-07-12 Florian ZeitzSupport MPD_HOST/MPD_PORT environment variables
2011-07-10 Florian ZeitzStop pretending to be Objective-C 1 compatible
2011-07-10 Florian ZeitzMinor cleanup
2011-07-09 Florian ZeitzAuto-confirm subscription requests
2011-07-09 Florian ZeitzFix the clean target to remove the main executable
2011-07-09 Florian ZeitzGet rid of most occurences of of_log()
2011-07-09 Florian ZeitzUpdate/add copyright
2011-07-09 Florian ZeitzAdd Makefile
2011-07-09 Florian ZeitzReconnect to MPD using BEP on failure
2011-07-08 Florian ZeitzInitial commit