2010-08-19 Florian Zeitz(Coding) style master
2010-03-17 Florian ZeitzRemove wrong "var"s
2010-03-17 Florian ZeitzCleanup and dependency updates
2009-08-26 Florian ZeitzDesign fix
2009-08-26 Florian ZeitzChange default settings
2009-08-26 Florian ZeitzDesign changes
2009-08-26 Florian ZeitzHandle multiple e-mail addrs. and telephnone nrs.
2009-08-25 Florian ZeitzMake PEP support a bit more flexible
2009-08-20 Florian ZeitzFix effects
2009-07-30 Florian ZeitzFix chat bubbles
2009-07-30 Florian ZeitzShow tune in vCard
2009-07-30 Florian ZeitzInclude only one JS file for strophe.js
2009-07-29 Florian ZeitzFix Diso answers
2009-07-25 Florian ZeitzChange vCard display
2009-07-24 Florian ZeitzMerge branch 'master' of ssh://florob@babelmonkeys...
2009-07-24 Florian ZeitzSmall layout fixes
2009-07-22 Florian ZeitzSmall layout fixes
2009-06-20 Florian ZeitzOnly show connect when we are disconnected
2009-06-20 Florian ZeitzAdd title to bubbles
2009-06-20 Florian ZeitzMessage sending
2009-06-20 Florian ZeitzSmall message changes/fixes and consistency change
2009-06-05 Florian ZeitzHandle Authentication and update to latest Stropejs...
2009-04-09 Florian ZeitzBasic message receiving support
2009-03-28 Florian ZeitzSome vCard work
2009-03-23 Florian ZeitzShow own vCard. Nicer style.
2009-03-22 Florian ZeitzAttribute named ver confuses Opera, quote it
2009-03-22 Florian ZeitzHandle empty tune events (stopped listening to music)
2009-03-22 Florian ZeitzIgnore own PEP events
2009-03-22 Florian ZeitzDon't send initial presence before roster is build.
2009-03-22 Florian ZeitzImplement User Tune support and dependencies
2009-03-21 Florian ZeitzBasic vCard support
2009-03-18 Florian ZeitzCheck if there is a nick specified or not
2009-03-18 Florian ZeitzFix for ejabberd / style changes
2009-03-18 Florian ZeitzInitial commit