2015-05-23 Florian ZeitzUpdate strophe.js submodule master
2015-05-23 Florian ZeitzAdd licensing information
2013-05-27 Florian ZeitzUpdate to jquery 1.10
2012-08-02 Florian ZeitzFix all buttons performing the "complete" action
2012-08-02 Florian ZeitzRemove the "Execute" button
2012-01-19 Florian ZeitzBootstrap compatibility
2012-01-17 Florian ZeitzRestructure adhoc "class"
2011-12-20 Florian ZeitzFix Prev button
2011-12-18 Florian ZeitzRework HTML form building
2010-12-26 Florian ZeitzMove Strophe.addNamespace call to adhoc.js
2010-12-25 Florian Zeitzif-Statement -> &&-Operator "magic
2010-12-25 Florian ZeitzMove adhoc functions into a separate file
2010-12-25 Florian ZeitzPrepare for moving adhoc code into a separate file
2010-12-19 Florian ZeitzUpdate strophejs version
2010-12-19 Florian ZeitzAdd support for list-multi
2010-12-18 Florian ZeitzFix some indentation
2010-12-18 Florian ZeitzMove status inside a object
2010-12-01 Florian ZeitzFix disconnection on leaving the page
2010-11-04 Florian ZeitzFix formatting
2010-10-06 Florian ZeitzMore robust fetching of features
2010-10-06 Florian ZeitzFix typo: Missing "="
2010-10-06 Florian ZeitzConvert newlines to <br/>, for better readability
2010-09-16 Florian ZeitzStolen colors
2010-09-16 Florian ZeitzCancel command on "Query" if appropriate
2010-09-09 Florian ZeitzStyle fix: <select/> is used as part of forms too
2010-09-09 Florian ZeitzUse readonly <input/>s for type="result" dataforms
2010-09-09 Florian ZeitzPut initial queried JID in the query form
2010-09-09 Florian ZeitzSome style changes
2010-09-07 Florian ZeitzEvent handling changes
2010-08-26 Florian ZeitzAdd input to query different JIDs
2010-08-26 Florian ZeitzUse .empty() instead off removing childs
2010-08-24 Florian ZeitzSend forms when executing commands
2010-08-24 Florian ZeitzUse .df-item class to style dataform inputs
2010-08-24 Florian ZeitzCoding Style
2010-08-24 Kim AlvefurAdd function to serialize forms
2010-08-22 Florian ZeitzAdd initial tiny stylesheet
2010-08-22 Florian ZeitzAdd ability to render forms (no submitting yet)
2010-08-22 Florian ZeitzImplement "cancel" action
2010-08-22 Florian ZeitzInitial commit